Success at the CIWW Raft Race Series 2018 for #TeamCroesy

Another fun filled Friday for #teamcroesy at Cardiff International White Water for the final event of the raft race series. The race involved both sprint, and head to head battles. Despite the freezing temperatures #teamcroesy achieved a tremendous second place, and earned entry into the British rafting series later on this year (in the warm weather!). Looks like there’s more of this to come!

 If anyone is interested in joining in the fun, come andspeak to us at the pool.

More photos of all the fun can be found here: Gallery Raft Race Series Feb 2018

Photos Taken at the Final CIWW Raft Race Series Competition February 2018

#TeamCroesy managed 2nd Place!



Photos Taken at the Raft Race Series Competition January 2018





Photos Taken at the BoaterX Competition @ CIWW January 2018