BoaterX Competition January 2018

Gallery BoaterX Jan 2018 Great to see several of the juniors competing in the BoaterX. Braving the cold, and putting on a show for their supporters. Maybe we’ll get a few seniors involved at the next race? If they’re brave enough for the launch ramp!

Raft Race Series January 2018

Gallery Raft Race Jan 2018 What a day for #teamcroesy. This time it was the turn of the parents to compete at our new found hobby, whitewater rafting slalom. First time out as a team and came 4th with fairly respectable times!
Looking forward to the next race in February. Kids found it hard to have roles reversed as they were on photo and bank support duties for a change!

BoaterX February 2018

Gallery BoaterX February 2018 Croesy Kids were out in force again despite the freezing conditions! The club juniors have been well represented across the series, making up the majority of the field at each event. Well done to Ben, James, Sennah, Brogan, William & Oliver for competing in this challenging event.


Success at the CIWW Raft Race Series 2018 for #TeamCroesy

Gallery Raft Race Series Feb 2018 Another fun filled Friday for #teamcroesy at Cardiff International White Water for the final event of the raft race series. The race involved both sprint, and head to head battles. Despite the freezing temperatures #teamcroesy achieved a tremendous second place, and earned entry into the British rafting series later on this year (in the warm weather!). Looks like there’s more of this to come!

Hurley Classic 2018

Gallery Hurley Classic 2018 A fantastic weekend away with some of the #Croesykids at the Hurley Classic, where the kids got to paddle with and be coached by World Champions, who were taking time to nurture the next generation of freestyle paddlers.
Highlights including the ‘Dream Team’ of Ben, Owen, and Oliver, by far the youngest competitors with a combined age less than the majority of individual paddlers, competing on a floodlight wave, which was being live broadcast during a blizzard, with temperatures as low as -9°! They’re a very hardy bunch of kids!
Congratulations to Ben for winning the Cadet class of the main event.
Despite the freezing conditions a thoroughly enjoyable weekend of kayaking, camping and competition.